Beautiful countryside makes beautiful maps : The Alps in Austria

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By Angie Cope

There is a beautiful set of maps dating from 1913 by map great G. Freytag. The American Geographical Society Library has 7 from this 1:100,000 series and they’re packed full of information. From a distance, the maps appear to be basic topographic maps, but if you look closely and think about all the detail you can imagine the complexity of human and natural interactions. Viewing the maps along with photos from the AGS Library photo collections, you begin to understand that this is both a snap shot in time and a reference for the present.

G. Freytags Skirouten-Karte des Ennstales und der Rottenmanner Tauern (G. Freytag’s ski route map of the Enns Valley and the Rottenmanner Tauern)

Liezen Torfstich or peat bogs.

The above-ground extraction of peat is referred to as peat cutting. This organic material, which is created in bogs from the carbon from dead plants, serves as a low-energy fuel, to improve soil ventilation in horticulture and to a small extent also for the production of textile fibers and for medicinal purposes.

Interesting map symbology for avalanche warnings. (click on any image to see a larger view)

Photos from from the Eugene V. Harris collection between 1937 and 1969 showing the beauty of the region. (click on any image to see a larger view)

Austria, view of town of Oberzeiring from hill

Austria, view of Oberzeiring and hillside with St. Nicholas Church tower

Austria, people raking hay in field in Oberzeiring

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