AGSL Acquired “Shoreline” by Leah Evans

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by Susan Peschel

Recently the AGS Library acquired a “map” entitled, Shoreline, from Wisconsin fiber artist, Leah Evans.

Leah was one of 21 artists to participate in the prestigious 2015 Smithsonian Craft Show held in Washington, D.C. and was chosen to receive the first “Honoring the Future Sustainability Award” for this piece. The award “recognizes an artist whose work educates the public about climate change or inspires or models a sustainable response to climate change.” ( click here for more information )

Leah’s description of this piece provided for the show’s application sums up a recurring theme in her designs:

“An overarching theme in my work is human impact on the environment. Effects of climate change addressed in my current work include species loss and displacement, changes in shorelines and subsequent effects on human and wildlife communities, and water conservation. Through handwork and a majority of re-purposed materials, I create subtle reminders of how our actions can create both destruction and opportunity.”

This beautiful work is on permanent display at the AGS Library in the UWM Golda Meir Library.